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Under a multinational company, using not standard systems, hardware and software, additionally different process for the same objective, we suggest to redesign a strategy creating similar process, allowing to share knowledge among professionals from all subsidiaries, driving to a reduced number of vendors of Infrastructure and Software solutions, leading to a decrease in costs to IT thru gain over escalability, and consequently to all other departments, decreasing their IT expenses, and increasing their productivity thru processes improvement.

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Reaching Target Customer

Understanding client objectives about a specific product, we support the definition of the target market, the value proposition, the pricing strategy and addressed marketing and promotion action plan. 
Devise the channel strategy
development of hare our thoughts based on our experience and market knowledge about similar in other

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A must have solution

Nowadays, the correct data is an asset for all business, and all starts with evaluation, cleansing and deploying a high quality data for all areas. We suggested the implementation of a MDM (Master Data Management) solution, to manage product, customers and vendors data, replicating these information to others systems, reducing errors on process, reducing the impact and cost of rework, and stopping penalties caused by these errors, impacting revenue directly. After our proposition,  we were invited to handle the PMO activitiy to implement the solution.

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SIX Consulting was invited to work as PMO for this project, due to complexity of all components, including some outstanding technologies what could bring a high risk to the project, and the number of professionals and vendors involved, to guarantee the successful delivery of this MMT, applying project management methodology (Agile), Governance, Priorization and Communication. The MMT is applied on many countries around the work, and used in a specific segment of retail business.

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